Thodoris Kouleris - Web developer

Thodoris Kouleris

Hello there!! Welcome to my web site. Yes, this is another boring web site. I made it because I am a vain human who has little life out of computers. This page is about things that I like to do. Because this is a personal web site you may read a lot the word I. No, that doesn't mean that I am selfish. I really care about humanity and I help my neighbour. Now, if you are bored don't go on to read the rest of the site, you will be more bored

Some people may wonder what tools did I use to make this web site. Ok, I 'm gonna tell you. I used WebStorm by JetBrains to write the code for this page. WebStorm is a great editor not only for GNU/Linux operating system but for windows users too. For the graphics I used the mighty tool called gimp. Gimp is an open source tool to manipulate graphics and can be compared to proprietary professional tools.

If you cannot view this web site with your browser then try firefox or chrome. Firefox and Chrome are open source and a very secure browsers. I checked the pages of this site with firefox and chrome so firefox and chrome work fine.

As you can see I mentioned already the term open source. Open source is a term which is used for software that you can get the source code and play with it, modify it, redistribute it. There is an other movement by Richard Stallman which is called Free Software. Open source and Free Software are alike. The difference is on the philosophy. The philosophy of open source is about the quality of the software that you use and the Free Software is about the freedom that you may or may not have on the software that you use. For further and more detailed knowledge visit the Open Source and Free Software sites.